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The Ratchet Effect

Robert Higgs, author of the libertarian work Crisis and Leviathan, explained one of my key issues with “temporary powers” granted to government in times of emergencies: One aspect of my model, however, has received relatively little notice, although I have … Continue reading

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Depressing Humor for the Day: AIG Edition

Jim Henley hit it on the head (again): My kids bought me an insurance company! Sweet children: they don’t even have jobs yet. I’m really looking forward to helping pick up the tab for the past several decades worth of … Continue reading

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Light Blogging Again

Sorry that I won’t be able to follow-up on that burst of blogging over the past week or two.  I managed to catch some sort of nasty flu, and between design stuff at work, helping Michael get some of our … Continue reading

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Habeas Corpus: Compare and Contrast

I just saw a quote that I think illustrates a clear difference between the two prospective presidential candidates, on the topic of the right of Habeas Corpus: Calling it “the foundation of Anglo-American law,” he said the principle “says very … Continue reading

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ULA SPACE 2008 Papers

There were a few interesting papers being presented at the Space 2008 conference that some of my friends at ULA sent me.  I’m going to wait until after the conference is over, so I don’t steal their thunder, but they … Continue reading

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I just got a call tonight from my little sister.  Apparently my cousin Amanda Goff passed away today.  She was only in her twenties.  Her sister went in to wake her up from a nap, and she wouldn’t wake up.  … Continue reading

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Blog Move

In case any of you noticed the changes, I’m in the process of moving my blog to a remote host using wordpress.  I’m still getting things sorted out, so it may be a few days before everything looks quite right.  … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: SSTOs

Ok, I asked people to put up suggestions on my Skribit account, and I figured it was about time to actually start responding to some of the suggestions. One of the topics someone asked about was if the Saturn S-IVB … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Sarah Palin

I know I don’t post on politics that often, and I don’t want to turn this site into yet another political punditry place. Quite frankly there’s far more than enough blogs like that out there, and the light to heat … Continue reading

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Orbital Access Methodologies Part VI: Air-Launched Glideforward TSTO

Back when I first gave the guest-lecture at the University of North Dakota that kicked off this series, I had only introduced four actual technological approaches to making RLVs work. The balance of the time I spent talking about the … Continue reading

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