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Congratulations to SpaceX

I try not to read news or surf the net on Sundays (that whole keeping the Sabbath Day holy thing, you know), so I missed being able to watch SpaceX’s fourth launch live.  But, as everyone reading this already knows, … Continue reading

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Now that I’ve had a nice busy week, and have put some more time between me and the blog post over at Space Cynics that started this mess, I have to admit that I regret what I said, and wish … Continue reading

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ITAR and Immigration

Immigration is one of those topics that I don’t like to think about, because the current mess we have in this country tends to just get me depressed.  Earlier today, I saw a flowchart from Reason’s October 2008 issue showing … Continue reading

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Air-Launch Paper

Clark Lindsey has already commented on this paper, but I figured it was worth a little further discussion here, since I’ve already written a few articles about air-launched RLV ideas.  Air launch is definitely an idea I am warming up … Continue reading

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Skribit Fixed

Hey guys, I accidentally deleted this post yesterday, but figured I’d let you know that I got Skribit moved over to this new blog (as well as Sitemeter and Google Analytics–but those are more for my benefit).  Let me know … Continue reading

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So where does space stand in all of this mess?

by guest blogger Ken Wow, so all of the chickens are coming home to roost and those who created the problem want to fob the guano off on the public at large. Anyone who has been reading my postings since … Continue reading

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Partial Rocket Reuse Using Mid-Air Recovery: A Review

A few days ago, I mentioned that some of my friends at ULA had passed me copies of some papers they were going to present at the Space 2008 conference a few weeks ago.  The paper I want to discuss … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, on the Texas political front…

by guest blogger Ken While Jon is trying to keep the politics to a minimum out here in the Selenian Boondocks (and so I now owe him several space-related posts), this is a little something that you’re not likely to … Continue reading

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Cooling Off

I tend to be a little more defensive of my friends than I am of myself, and can sometimes be a bit of a hot-head.  I was pretty offended by the cynics giving Dave their Walking Eagle award, but my … Continue reading

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I just removed the link to the Space Cynics site from my link roll.  I’ve tried over the past year or so that they’ve been around to link to and comment on posts of theirs that have been insightful and … Continue reading

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