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Random Thought: Mass NASA Spaceflight Externships

I just had a crazy thought this morning, that while probably unworkable–we’d probably all be better-off if 99% of government policy proposals were sent directly to the paper-shredder–might be a way to start extricating NASA from it’s current manned spaceflight … Continue reading

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Moonatics at large

by guest blogger Ken Howdy everyone! I hope everyone’s enjoying a nice, relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I just unloaded the nephews on their dad and am taking a quiet moment to contemplate… I recently listened to the Dennis Wingo and … Continue reading

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Sorry Guys

I’m not sure why, but I just haven’t been in much of a bloggy mood lately. Most nights by the time we get the boys to sleep I’m too frazzled to do much in the way of deep thinking. Hopefully … Continue reading

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Monte Davis on ISS and Microgravity Science

[Note: As a bit of a preface to this repost from a usenet group, I wanted to give a bit of background. I first got interested in the whole commercial space thing when I was 16, mostly through a usenet … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Club!

Zond, on, just posted a link to a new European commercial space venture, Orbspace. Like Masten Space Systems and Armadillo Aerospace, Orbspace is pursuing a suborbital VTVL vehicle, which they intend to use for both manned and unmanned applications. … Continue reading

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