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Fun with Lunar Science

by guest blogger Ken Recently, SMU hosted the awards luncheon for the Dallas Regional Science and Engineering Fair, wherein all of the winners in the different categories got a whole slew of awards. I managed to wrangle a ticket to … Continue reading

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A Point Worth Repeating

Over on Jeff’s SpacePolitics site, there is a discussion going on right now about a recent poll on the relevance of space. While much of the discussion was interesting as usual, I particularly liked the point made by a fellow … Continue reading

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Back From my Utah Trip

Just wanted to check in and let people know I’m back from Utah. The reception was good, my new brother-in-law has my approval, we got to visit many good friends up there that we hadn’t seen in a while, and … Continue reading

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Are Those Nozzles "Thrust Augmented"?

In this article at AvLeak, there’s discussion of an Aerojet LOX/Kero booster engine project called HC Boost (emphasis mine) : Dubbed HC Boost, the technology development program is aimed at providing an improved, home-grown alternative to the Russian RD-180, the … Continue reading

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Fun With Google Analytics

So, I get an email tonight reminding me that I had an account setup with google analytics. I set it about a year ago in mid-June, so I don’t have as long of data as I do with my sitemeter … Continue reading

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I’m Not That Jonathan Goff

I recently noticed that I was getting lots of web traffic from a url that I was unfamiliar with, Being curious I decided to check it out. Apparently there’s been a bit of a case of mistaken identity here, … Continue reading

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Gap Math

I’m somewhat curious about the math behind some of Griffin’s comments at the Senate Hearing today: “we are focusing initially on cargo because, I just want to be clear with everybody, we already have a mechanism for getting crews to … Continue reading

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So That’s What My Brother-In-Law Looks Like

Tonight I got an invite to my little sister’s reception. It’s crazy to think that after my little sister has been married for over a month now, that tonight was the first time I actually got to see a picture … Continue reading

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Additional Thoughts on the SA’08 Propellant Depot Panel

It’s been long enough since I put up the presentations from the panel, that I figured it would be worth starting a new post to mention some of my thoughts on what we discussed on the panel. Some of these … Continue reading

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Getting my Science Fair On

by guest blogger Ken While Jon gets to go have fun at the Space Access conference, I’m stuck here in the metroplex with a dearth of vacation days in the kitty. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as I was … Continue reading

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