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Space Access 2008 Propellant Depot Panel

I’ll update this after work with some commentary (and sometime in the next week or two, I’ll see if I can upload a video of the session as well). But for now here are the four presentations that were given. … Continue reading

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Off to Space Access

We’re heading out tomorrow morning at 6:00 for Space Access. I’ll see if I can talk Henry V. into letting us videotape the propellant depot panel. If so, I’ll see if I can put it up here. If not, I’ll … Continue reading

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California Homeschooling Troubles

I got an email a few days ago from one of my friends up in Santa Clara, Henry Cate (the guy who started the Carnival of Space). Not being actively involved in homeschooling yet, I apparently missed what happened recently, … Continue reading

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The Thanklessness of Being Right

I know I’m late to the game, but there’s been a lot of navel gazing of the past week about what people wrote back on the eve of the Iraq War, and typically “what they got wrong.” Because, quite frankly, … Continue reading

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Propellant Depot Panel Questions

I’d like to solicit questions regarding the technical or business aspects of orbital propellant depots for the panel I’ll be chairing this coming Friday. I’ve got a great lineup of panelists (Rand Simberg of TransTerrestrial Musings, Dallas Bienhoff of Boeing, … Continue reading

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A weird, weird day

by guest blogger Ken Not trying to monopolize Jon’s blog or anything, but I’m sitting here staring at my ISU diploma, hand-signed by possibly the single most important name to date in the space field, a science fiction writer nonpareil, … Continue reading

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Public Space Utilities

by guest blogger Ken Jon’s warned me previously about my really long rambling posts (because he wants shorter, more frequent posts), so I’ll try to keep this one relatively brief, and focused on the topic of public utilities. I’ll admit … Continue reading

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Martian Smackdown

by guest blogger Ken Okay, smackdown is probably a bit melodramatic, but it got your attention. A glass of cold water in the face is probably a closer description, but Griffin certainly put his foot down with the Mars science … Continue reading

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A statement in this post by Clark Lindsey (and a further comment by Gary Hudson) on Hobbyspace reminded me why I’m somewhat uncomfortable with the term “sustainability” as it regards space exploration. I think the danger stems from how ambiguous … Continue reading

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Imigration Problems

This country has immigration problems. Case in point. A good friend of our family here in town is an immigrant who has been living in the US since around when she was 6 or so (about a dozen years). She’s … Continue reading

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