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Luna Road

by guest blogger KenHowdy all! I’m back and (semi-) recovered from an unanticipated trip to upstate NY for my grandmother’s funeral. Always a somber occasion for anyone, and of course a time for reflection on not only the past in … Continue reading

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Name Transfusion

My little sister, Jennifer successfully earned her “Mrs. Degree” yesterday up in Utah. The name transfusion was also successful, and she now has a new last name. Walton or Walten or something like that. I’d actually know for sure, and … Continue reading

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Space Tugs vs. Space Ferries: A Useful Distinction?

Something that’s been bugging me for some time is the confusion surrounding the term “space tug”. The term’s been used to describe at least two very different ideas for many years now. At NGEC-2, I tried to inject a little … Continue reading

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NGEC-2 Summary Part II: Speakers, Ideas, and Memes

In addition to the working groups, there were several speakers throughout the conference. While there most ideas presented at space conferences aren’t particularly new, there were a few ideas from the various speakers (and from conversations I had at the … Continue reading

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Next Generation Exploration Conference 2 (Part I)

Apparently unbeknownst to most people in the space blogosphere, there was a second space related conference going on in Silicon Valley this past week (at about the same time). This conference, the second “Next Generation Exploration Conference” was an invitation-only … Continue reading

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My friend and coworker Michael Mealling has been telling me for a while about this blogger widget that he and some friends from Georgia were developing on-the-side. The widget, called “Skribit” allows blog readers to suggest and vote on topics … Continue reading

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It’s Not Important Whether You Win or Lose…

…it’s how you place the blame. Or at least that’s how a friend of mine at NASA once put it. Apparently, in the wake of yet more news leaks about severe technical issues on Ares I, Mike Griffin decides to … Continue reading

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LM/Bigelow Atlas V Deal

For those who didn’t see it on Hobbyspace, I got interviewed yesterday by New Scientist about the recent LM/Bigelow announcement. All in all it was a pretty good article (though apparently we might need to update our website to reflect … Continue reading

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Go Ahead, Throw Your Vote Away!

I really hate to bump such a good post as Ken’s last one from the top of the list (go read it if you haven’t had a chance yet), but I’ve been meaning to say something about this year’s Presidential … Continue reading

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Microgravity Musings

Howdy all, guest blogger Ken here. I’ve promised a couple posts that have been on the back burner. One is on regolith, a complex topic that needs more exposure, but unfortunately one of the main resources I was going to … Continue reading

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