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Random Thought: Thrust Augmented AJ26-60?

I’m a little more reticent these days to blog about half-baked technology ideas (for fear of being compared to our friend Gaetano), but I figured I’d toss this one out as food for thought. A couple of posts ago, I … Continue reading

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Well, we made it safely to Utah for Thanksgiving (or Thankyou-giving-giving as Jonny calls it). We ended up driving through the night with a sick Jonny, but we made it ok. I have to say, one of the things I’m … Continue reading

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Light Blogging

Sorry I haven’t been able to follow up on my plans to discuss orbital transportation approaches. I was hoping to write something this morning, but I came down with a nasty stomach flu this morning. I’m holding down food again, … Continue reading

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Beijinged and Shanghaied Seeking the Moon in China

Howdy all, guest blogger Ken here, fresh back from a weeklong business trip to China. Though I’m well experienced in Europe, this was my first time to cross the date-line and visit Zhongguo. It is a disorienting experience for a … Continue reading

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Orbital Access Cat Skinning Methodologies

In order to discuss the business, finance, and policy approaches for creating low cost and reliable space transportation, it helps to have an understanding of the underlying technology, in order to provide context for those discussions. It also happens to … Continue reading

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A Depressing Implication

So, apparently a few days ago on the Jay Leno show, Ron Paul made the claim that getting rid of the federal personal income tax would only cut federal revenues to the point they were at in the year 2000. … Continue reading

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Thrust Augmented Nozzles

While I sometimes use this blog to talk-up some of the stuff we do at MSS, I also sometimes like to mention interesting technologies and projects being done by other groups. This post is about a potentially very interesting engine … Continue reading

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Like Father, Like Son (Jonny Bloggin Edition)

Jonny was feeling sick today, so Tiff let him pick the book to read before bed. His choice? “Daddy’s Special Moon Book” as he called it… Oh, and did I mention that whenever I get on the computer he comes … Continue reading

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What We Don’t Yet Know

I got introduced to the “” movement back in my freshman year via the usenet group I’ve stopped posting there (except for on a rare occasion) due to the fact that the S/N ratio is so horrendously lows, but … Continue reading

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Brief Thought: Space Solar Power

In the spirit of trying to blog a little more, I just wanted to throw out one that I didn’t have a chance to post as a comment to a recent Transterrestrial post by Sam Dinkin. In his post Zero … Continue reading

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