I’m following in the Moon’s shadow

by guest blogger Ken

Sorry to corrupt Mr. Cat Steven’s song there a bit, but it came to me last night after seeing “In the Shadow of the Moon” at the Frontiers of Flight museum here in Dallas.

Wow. That is one heck of a documentary. The cleaned up footage is phenomenal, and more beautiful than anything I’ve seen to date. They note at the end that there wasn’t any CGI, but there was some processing, or something like that. The film also noted that it was a carbon-neutral production.

The sense I got from the audience was that it was maybe about ten minutes too long, but in all honesty I can’t think of anything that it would make sense to cut. The credits are pretty good too, and got me all riled up to go post a snitty comment over at the Cosmic Log, in relation to the Google story. Not about the Google effort, which I think is great, but rather the nattering nabobs of negativity that seem to spring up whenever something positive is announced.

At last, Buzz’s long pause on the ladder is explained, something that I didn’t know before. Lots of personal details carry the story along in a positive and often funny way. As I said, the stock footage is glorious and it is fascinating watching the LOX vent swirling down the side of the Saturn as it ascends past the tower.

The footage on the Lunar surface only served to deepen my conviction that I must go there. I’d be perfectly happy in the miserable job of base administrator, suffering the slings and arrows of corporate fortune so that the teams can focus on getting their work done in turning the Moon into a productive part of the world’s economy. I’d even be happy cleaning the toilets and plumbing, as that bio-stuff is going to be worth a fortune in cislunar space.

There were a lot of grayhairs at the event, though a few of the younger generations as well. We also got to check out the “Earth from Space” exhibit before it goes up for general view tomorrow. That ‘Magic Planet’ is pretty cool.

Which reminds me that I need to go load all of my space exhibit stuff in the car for our NSS of North Texas display at FoF tomorrow. We just got four boxes of freebies from JSC. Woo Hoo! Plus we’ve still got a bunch of leftovers from the ISDC, so everyone is going to go home happy tomorrow.

Go see “In the Shadow of the Moon” as soon as you can. This is one movie that is worth paying full price to see, without question. I’ll definitely be seeing this one again, and I’m not even really a big fan of the whole Apollo program.

(Sorry, but it’s true. Apollo is history for me, though I have been told that I was propped up in front of the TV to watch as a 2-year old. I grew up with the Space Shuttle and saw that it wasn’t the answer with Challenger. Any kind of space interest was put on hold after that as I dealt with other life issues, at least until my first new year of space – 1999, and don’t even get me started about the odyssey in 2001…)

A quick piece of really cool news. Over time NSS-NT has donated a number of space books to the library in the play area at Frontiers of Flight. It’s really cool and looks like an airplane (way to go Civil Air Patrol!). Most of the books there are in pretty good shape, but all of the space books we’ve donated are beat all to crap. (those that don’t ‘walk’) Assorted covers gone, spines bent, pages torn and wrinkled. “Viaje a la Luna”, “Space Station Science”, “Pajama Sam On The Moon”, all of them. Talk about some heavy-duty duty! I couldn’t be happier, as that means they’re being read a LOT. Time to round up another round of donations.

Ad Lunam, y’all

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    Hey Google, the Moonrovers Prize was MY idea!!!



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