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Another Sad Day in Rocket Land

I assume most of the people who read this blog also read Clark Lindsey’s Space Transport News site, so most of you have probably heard the news about Matt Bowes’ death. We only heard about it this morning from Matt’s … Continue reading

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DIRECT v2.0 and Orbital Propellant Transfer

Several people have already brought up the DIRECT v2.0 architecture paper that was rolled out at AIAA Space 2007 this last week, as well as the snazzy new website that the DIRECT team just launched. I just wanted to give … Continue reading

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Google Lunar X-Prize

It’s been a long time since I last blogged. Between being busy at work, starting into another book series with Tiffany (one of our favorite traditions is reading good books together), and trying to raise two increasingly active and silly … Continue reading

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I’m following in the Moon’s shadow

by guest blogger Ken Sorry to corrupt Mr. Cat Steven’s song there a bit, but it came to me last night after seeing “In the Shadow of the Moon” at the Frontiers of Flight museum here in Dallas. Wow. That … Continue reading

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