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Back From Utah

For those who are wondering, I finally got the thesis wrapped up and submitted for publication on Monday. My final thesis committee member got back from camping, signed the thing off, and after an afternoon of running around, I had … Continue reading

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I Wish That Were The Only Problem…

Tankmodeler, a friend and regular here at Selenian Boondocks, mentioned something in a comment to Ken’s last post that I think deserves some mention: [T]he one absolutely key stumbling block is ownership of Lunar mineral rights. No-one is going anywhere … Continue reading

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I For One Welcome Our New, Scaly Overlords…

Well, it looks like Rand and Clark and Jeff are too busy blogging about the New Space conference to start synthesizing things yet, so I’ll just make some comments on the big news from yesterday. In case you don’t read … Continue reading

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Thesis Update: The Continuing Story Continues…

It’s been a while since I posted anything, and I figured it was time to give an update. After the defense on the 3rd, I spent most of the next week pretty much rewriting my whole paper, and redoing one … Continue reading

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Astronomy on the Moon?

by guest blogger Ken Dan Lester is back, and with a vengeance. Mr. Lester works at UT Austin and has a strong interest in IR astronomy. He really wants an instrument in free-space (SAFIR), and is convinced that there are … Continue reading

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Thesis Progress and Jimmy Bloggin

Well, the long hard thesis slog continues. I’m just finished analyzing data from one of the main experiments that I had to redo as part of the thesis revision. In this experiment, I measure the magnitude of the impedance of … Continue reading

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NASA’s new plan for talking at us, part II

by guest blogger Ken Next up is the Message Architecture that has been developed to guide the Office of Strategic Communications in conveying the message of NASA. The VSE lays out its fundamental goal, which is “to advance U.S. scientific, … Continue reading

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Not Out Of The Woods

So, I defended my thesis today. And “passed with qualifications”, which means that they had some things they wanted me to fix before they’d sign off on it. Unfortunately, the qualifications include basically rewriting much of the thesis, and then … Continue reading

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