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Dallas Bienhoff Space Show Interview

I typically don’t get a chance to listen in on the Space Show too often. I work long enough hours that when I get home I typically don’t have a 1.5-2hr chunk of time where I can set aside for … Continue reading

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Soyuz in Kourou

Clark Lindsey linked to a recent news article about the groundbreaking for a Soyuz pad at the Guiana Space Centre (aka Kourou). The interesting item from the article was that the inaugural Soyuz launch from there is slated for late … Continue reading

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SPACE Act of 2007

Here’s an interesting one I saw over on Space Law Probe: the SPACE Act of 2007. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that in spite of being rather vocal about space policy, I’m not exactly the kind of space … Continue reading

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Random Thought: EDS

Just wanted to post a few random thoughts while I watch the kids until Tiff has had a chance to get some sleep (James was up sick all night). First one regards the EDS. I haven’t thought out all the … Continue reading

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Clear Thinking About "The Gap"

In a post today on Space Politics, Jeff Foust displays some rather clear thinking about the so-called manned-spaceflight gap: One thing to remember with all this discussion of a gap, including claims that it is “a national security issue”, is … Continue reading

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