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Centennial Challenges

One of the talks given at Space Access last week, by Ken Davidian, was rather informative. Ken’s a contractor working with NASA on running the Centennial Challenges program. Now, I’m kind of biased toward the Centennial Challenges, I work for … Continue reading

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Much Better

Sorry that I haven’t had much of the will to blog lately. It’s not that I’ve been too busy, just that I needed to recuperate a bit after the last several weeks. Anyhow, I wanted to link to the much … Continue reading

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The Next 50 Years: A Commentary

Earlier this morning an interesting article by Michael Griffin was posted at in the L2 section. Apparently it was meant for Aviation Week, as it appeared on their blog there tonight (NASAWatch provided the link), which also means it’s … Continue reading

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ESAS Thoughts

A recent comment on Space Politics got me thinking about ESAS again. I realized that I’m probably one of the most vocal ESAS critics in the blogosphere, and figured that it would therefore be worth trying to summarize a couple … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on the Lunar Much Sooner Architecture

I did some tweaking of my Lunar Much Sooner architecture. The latest numbers are available here. The original post about this architecture can be found here. I’m still basing this on existing rockets and stages (with the only modification being … Continue reading

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Cool Picture

I was just looking at the SpaceX site, seeing if there was any new info about their upcoming launch, when I stumbled across this picture of a hotfire test of their Merlin-1C regeneratively cooled engine. According to a recent article … Continue reading

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Random Thought: RS-68 Inflatable Nozzle

It’s interesting how you can hear a part of an idea, file it away in the back of your brain, and then all of the sudden have something pop into your mind months later. A couple of months ago, my … Continue reading

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Congrats to the ULA Team

I got home just in time to catch the liveblogging of the Atlas V STP-1 launch tonight. As several others have already pointed out, this launch was fairly important because it carried the Orbital Express satellite into orbit. Orbital Express … Continue reading

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Tip Jar?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this year’s ISDC which is coming up. I’d like to go for several reasons. One, I’d like to see what ISDC is like. Each space conference seems to have its own flavor, and attracts … Continue reading

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Some Launch Economics

A commenter on my post about Soyuz launches from Kourou raised the question of whether launch prices would really drop with an increase in flight rate. This question may be due to discussions about a report prepared for NASA by … Continue reading

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