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Bigelow Shoots for the Moon

I’ll add some more commentary later, but for now a fascinating scoop by Alan Boyle.

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More on The Path Not Taken

I’m still not trying to claim omniscience by saying that had NASA taken this alternative route (building a set of very small RLV demonstrators/X-Vehicles first instead of Shuttle) that everything would have been perfect. But I figured it would be … Continue reading

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A Path Not Taken

I have to admit that last post was kind of weak. Most of the good points had already been made, and I’m not sure I actually added anything relevant to the discussion. So, as penance, and since the antibiotics I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the NASA Budget

I figured that if I’m going to be considered a space pundit, I may as well share a few of my thoughts about the recent NASA budget situation. I would have put my two cents in earlier, if it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Space Access "Pundit Panel"

Just thought I’d let you all know that I’ve been invited to speak on a “Pundit Panel” at this year’s Space Access conference, along with Henry Spencer, Rand Simberg, and Jeff Foust. I’ve never participated in a conference panel like … Continue reading

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Blogger’s Cramp

Sorry the posting has been so light lately. I had a whole list of topics I wanted to cover back in January, but I’ve just had an impossible time getting up the time, desire, and mental energy to blog lately. … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on "Just how full of…"

By guest blogger Ken. (Who hopes that Jon is getting his thesis knocked out…) One of the usual Monday morning rituals for a lot of folks is to stop by The Space Review to see what kind of new and … Continue reading

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SpaceX Website Update

With SpaceX’s second Falcon I launch attempt on hold again (supposedly due to some people in the Kwajalein range safety group not being there during their launch window), I figured it would be worth mentioning a few short things I … Continue reading

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Sundancer Orbital Trajectory Implications (Part Three)

Sundancer Orbital Trajectory Implications (Part One)Sundancer Orbital Trajectory Implications (Part Two) Henry Spencer was kind enough to send me some feedback on the first two posts in this series, and it appears that I forgot to highlight what both of … Continue reading

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100k Site Visits!

Just wanted to mention that as of sometime in the next few hours, my site will have logged 100,000 visitors since the time I put up my sitemeter! Now, that may only come out to several hundred or a couple … Continue reading

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