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Uh Oh…There Goes The Neighborhood

So, I’m sitting on the couch with Baby James. Little Jonny walks in, turns on the computer and pulls out a chair. Intrigued, I decide to watch. He then proceeds to slide the keyboard out, and pushes the Esc button … Continue reading

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Faith: An Entrepreneurial Attribute

Something Mark said in reply to my last blog post reminded me that I’ve been wanting to write an article about the importance of faith in enterpreneurial endeavors. Mark states that (emphasis mine): But there is no proof that any … Continue reading

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VSE Apathy Woes

CNN posted an AP story on their science and technology page about NASA’s PR woes that has been making the rounds in the blogosphere today. The issue the article brings up is that the “Web generation” appears to be apathetic … Continue reading

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Jimmy Bloggin

Just in case you guys have been wondering why blogging has been so “light” over the past several weeks… Last night, my wife Tiffany gave birth to our third little boy, James Henry Goff, at 8:42pm. With our past experience … Continue reading

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New Addition to the Family…

…blogroll that is. Sorry guys, James is still taking his time showing up. But in the meantime, my little sister, Julia has started a blog: Where Oh Where Has My Mind Gone…Today? She’s not quite so funny as my sister-in-law … Continue reading

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Christmas Morning With The Goffs

For being our first Christmas as a family all by ourselves, today has been a lot of fun. I figured I’d put up a couple of pictures. Ian talked me into doing some woodworking projects for Tiff and Jonny for … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas to All!

I just wanted to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this blog! We’re almost at the end of a wonderful year, and I hope all of you can spend some time with your families doing something other than … Continue reading

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Pay As You Go

One of the cutsie phrases that the current NASA Administration likes bandying about regarding their approach to exploration is “Pay As You Go“. Kind of like O’Keefe’s “spiral development”, this pithy phrase is the latest fad at NASA. The basic … Continue reading

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Added AdSense

Well, I finally knuckled under and decided to give Google Ads a try. I’m definitely the capitalistic sort, but have always felt that cluttering ones blog with too many ads was tacky. I think I’ve found a setting that isn’t … Continue reading

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Upgraded to Newer Version of Blogger

I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve upgraded the blog to a new version of blogger. The big benefit I can see from this new version is that it has labels for postings, which will allow people to … Continue reading

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