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Some SpaceX Commentary

Well, I’ve noticed that my blogging has been getting rarer, snarkier, and of less substance than it used to be. Part of that is due to all the time we’ve been spending testing engines, killing the gremlins that like to … Continue reading

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It’s kind of amusing to note (as several others on the blogosphere have now) that the supposedly “safe, simple, soon” Crew Launch Vehicle is turning out to be as difficult to pull off as many of us have been saying … Continue reading

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MSS July-Now Update

I finally managed to write up a bit about what we’ve been doing at MSS over the past several months. We should have some more pictures, videos, and information to post in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, being this busy means … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy, Busy

I was going to blog yesterday, but figured I needed to get some comments in on that AST Human Spaceflight NPRM before time runs out next month. Most of the phrasing in the actual regulation seemed to be common sense … Continue reading

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So whose assumptions are ya gonna trust more?

byline: Ken Well, Mr. Bonin’s second part is out, and golly if he doesn’t cover a lot of stuff I had in the post. But if it makes sense, then it’s going to sound similar, isn’t it? Mr. Mark Whittington, … Continue reading

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On Bonin’s ‘The case for smaller launch vehicles in human space exploration (part 1)’

Howdy All, Ken here. I just decided to weigh in a bit on an interesting article today. (and provide a bit more grist for Jon’s mill) Over at the The Space Review, Mr. Grant Bonin visits the question “are heavy-lift … Continue reading

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