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Sometimes the ideas I throw out are obscure and hard to communicate, and sometimes they are so blindingly obvious that they have been rehashed many times in the decades past. Since I have no feel for which is which, sometimes … Continue reading

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Small Tetherocket

Some years ago I posted an idea for combining tethers, rockets, and nuclear power to build an engine with very high Isp for orbital transfer operations. 750-850 seconds Isp with LH2/LO2 seemed and still seems possible. I am posting a … Continue reading

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Precursor to Station

The comments on the torus station post made it clear that I had skipped stepsĀ in suggesting a specific station type. One step is the investigation of exactly how many RPMs are acceptable for a working orbital facility. The acceptable RPMs … Continue reading

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Launching a Torus Station

A torusĀ space station is one of the staples of future thinking. Launching it in one piece from the ground is not. It has however, been occasionally mentioned in various comments. Here are a few numbers on the idea a few … Continue reading

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ULA Stage Recovery

George had a thought in comments on the last post that could easily be relevant. If SpaceX starts reusing the Falcon9 cores, which are the cheapest cores in current production, then how much more financial sense would it make to … Continue reading

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Pressure On SpaceX

Sometimes seemingly unconnected events can have an effect out of proportion to what seems rational. In this case SpaceX, having no connection to Orbital or Virgin Galactic, will have its next flight partially judged on the misfortune that fell on … Continue reading

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Humble Arrogance For an Inspiring Mission

The Orion flew today for the first time. The hype and hoopla surrounding this flight was about what you would expect from an agency that is spent so many years and billions getting to this point. If you listen to … Continue reading

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Suborbital VS Orbital

I did a post on this a few years back, but couldn’t find it to repost. A commentor in response to one of Rand Simbergs’ articles brought up (again) the old orbital is 8 times the velocity of suborbital and … Continue reading

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Capsule Que Pasa

I was jolted a bit when I read the amounts and requirements for commercial crew last week. Not that Boeing got more than SpaceX, but rather that $6.8B is budgeted for a developing a couple of commercial capsules to fly … Continue reading

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VTSL Vehicle

I got into a discussion the other day about the Blue Origin/SpaceX barge landing issue. I suggested that it was very difficult to write such a comprehensive patent that there was no way to design around the restrictions. As an … Continue reading

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