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Lunar Orbital Facility Location Options

For travel throughout cislunar space, I’ve long been an advocate of having depots on both ends of the journey. The LEO depot provides a refueling stop at the first practical point after leaving the ground, and also a spot for … Continue reading

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ESIL-8 Elements of Lunar Commerce Presentation

I was invited to give a talk on lunar commerce at a Emerging Space Industry Leaders workshop last week hosted by ULA at their Centennial, Colorado campus, and put on by my friends at Advanced Space LLC and the FAA … Continue reading

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Summary of Some ULA Papers from AIAA SPACE 2015

ULA has often used the AIAA SPACE conferences as a venue for discussing technical ideas they were working on. In fact, I’ve written several blog posts over the years summarizing or commenting on previous versions of their papers. This year’s … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts: Columbus Article Link and Lunar Patents?

I don’t think this counts as my monthly blog post, mostly because I’m linking to and commenting on someone else’s blog post, but here goes. Michael Mealling (a fellow Masten Alumni gone entrepreneur) set out this year to do a … Continue reading

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Someone is Wrong on the Internet!

And ironically, it’s XKCD What-if that is wrong. Well, not wrong by commission, but wrong by omission. First off, I’m a huge fan of both XKCD (well the 98% of their comic strips that are SFJ) and XKCD-What If. If … Continue reading

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NewSpace 2012 Space Architectures Panel

I didn’t realize till I saw it on, but apparently the panel I was on at NewSpace 2012 is now up on youtube, so I figured I would share. My piece runs from about the 8min mark till around … Continue reading

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Tooting Someone Else’s Horn: Quest Product Development Corp’s Advanced MLI Technologies

Since I’m not yet ready to talk about some of the neat ideas we have in the hopper at Altius, I figured it might be fun to do some blog posts on some of the cool-but-not-very-well-known space technologies that are … Continue reading

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Anchor Tenancy

Keith Cowing posted an interesting notice over on SpaceRef today. Basically NASA is using authority in one bill to remove a restriction in their acquisition regulations on doing “anchor tenant” type contracts. Anchor tenancy agreements have been talked about in … Continue reading

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Propellant Depot Heads Up

It probably won’t happen too soon, but I give a little heads up on this Altius Space Machines blog post about some depot orbital dynamics work I’m working with a friend on. Hope I have time to talk about it … Continue reading

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Space Show Classroom Presentation

I forgot to throw the link up over here, but I put my presentation for the Space Show Classroom up on my Altius Blog. Here’s a link. [Update: I had a glaring error on one of the slides pointed out. … Continue reading

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