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Random Pictures from my Camera

I’ve been taking pictures with my cellphone camera, but a weird error on WordPress had been preventing me from uploading the pictures until now. So, these pictures range from the start of last year till now, but I figured I’d … Continue reading

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Petey Bloggin

We’re about to head up to Utah for a family vacation, and I found this while downloading pictures off the camera:

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Peter Yuri Goff

I got a call from Tiff around 10:30am letting me know that she was going into labor.  I raced home and then down to Bakersfield, and the baby arrived at 12:44–about 30min after we got to the hospital (fortunately there … Continue reading

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Off to “Check the Oven” [Updated]

We’ll let you know what flavor we got when we get back… …And it looks like the flavor de jour is another Blueberry.

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I just got a call tonight from my little sister.  Apparently my cousin Amanda Goff passed away today.  She was only in her twenties.  Her sister went in to wake her up from a nap, and she wouldn’t wake up.  … Continue reading

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The Name Game

Tiffany wanted me to post this public-service announcement… We’ve decided to let you all participate in a poll to decide the name of our next child. Please choose one first and middle name from each category. All entries must be … Continue reading

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So That’s What My Brother-In-Law Looks Like

Tonight I got an invite to my little sister’s reception. It’s crazy to think that after my little sister has been married for over a month now, that tonight was the first time I actually got to see a picture … Continue reading

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The Return of Jonny Bloggin (and James Bloggin Too!)

It’s been a long while since I’ve put any family pictures up, and we had lots of good ones over the past several months that I figured I would share. This first one is James and George (Pierce Nichols’ little … Continue reading

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Name Transfusion

My little sister, Jennifer successfully earned her “Mrs. Degree” yesterday up in Utah. The name transfusion was also successful, and she now has a new last name. Walton or Walten or something like that. I’d actually know for sure, and … Continue reading

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Well, we made it safely to Utah for Thanksgiving (or Thankyou-giving-giving as Jonny calls it). We ended up driving through the night with a sick Jonny, but we made it ok. I have to say, one of the things I’m … Continue reading

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