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My Mom’s Homeschool Training Site: Mentoring Our Own

I was talking with my parents tonight and realized that a good topic for a Sunday post would be to introduce my mom’s company’s new website: Mentoring Our Own. My mom’s company is about teaching and mentoring new homeschooling parents, … Continue reading

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Andrew Peregrin Goff

There are probably less than 5 people in the world who a) care about my family life, b) don’t follow me on twitter, c) don’t follow Tiffany on Facebook, d) didn’t get an email about this already, but e) do … Continue reading

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Random Pictures from my Camera

I’ve been taking pictures with my cellphone camera, but a weird error on WordPress had been preventing me from uploading the pictures until now. So, these pictures range from the start of last year till now, but I figured I’d … Continue reading

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Petey Bloggin

We’re about to head up to Utah for a family vacation, and I found this while downloading pictures off the camera:

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Peter Yuri Goff

I got a call from Tiff around 10:30am letting me know that she was going into labor.  I raced home and then down to Bakersfield, and the baby arrived at 12:44–about 30min after we got to the hospital (fortunately there … Continue reading

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Off to “Check the Oven” [Updated]

We’ll let you know what flavor we got when we get back… …And it looks like the flavor de jour is another Blueberry.

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I just got a call tonight from my little sister.  Apparently my cousin Amanda Goff passed away today.  She was only in her twenties.  Her sister went in to wake her up from a nap, and she wouldn’t wake up.  … Continue reading

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The Name Game

Tiffany wanted me to post this public-service announcement… We’ve decided to let you all participate in a poll to decide the name of our next child. Please choose one first and middle name from each category. All entries must be … Continue reading

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So That’s What My Brother-In-Law Looks Like

Tonight I got an invite to my little sister’s reception. It’s crazy to think that after my little sister has been married for over a month now, that tonight was the first time I actually got to see a picture … Continue reading

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The Return of Jonny Bloggin (and James Bloggin Too!)

It’s been a long while since I’ve put any family pictures up, and we had lots of good ones over the past several months that I figured I would share. This first one is James and George (Pierce Nichols’ little … Continue reading

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