Fear of Freedom and other notes to WH912 available on Kindle

The ebook “Fear of Freedom and other notes to WH912” is available on Kindle now for $3.99. Paperback will be available in September for $8.00-$10.00 depending on publishing and other costs. There are 26 articles on 135 pages on mostly political topics. The articles are written more or less in the style I learned here on Selenian Boondocks except without anywhere nearly as much of the quality feedback as I am used to.

The topics range from the uselessness of arguing your needs with a socialist about gun magazine sizes (or anything else), to how badly you are actually being ripped off on Social Security. The millions of American citizens that are hostages held by foreign nationals supported by our government, to the problems of the various tax reform proposals.

One regret that I have is that the quality suffered for lack of the type feedback that I was spoiled by here on space topics. Anybody that reads it will find several things to disagree with if they are paying attention. It should be food for thought if political commentary interests you, and you find my writing on other subjects interesting.

cover   I think that should be enough shameless commercialization for the moment. I am certainly biased in thinking it is worth the time and money, so the buyer should beware of both my opinion and my motivations in suggesting this read.

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2 Responses to Fear of Freedom and other notes to WH912 available on Kindle

  1. e.p. says:

    Remind us in September when the paperback comes out, I’d be interested in giving it a read! -e.p.

  2. john Bossard says:

    cool book! I’ll look forward to reading it, perhaps you can give me some advice on how to publish a book.

    Can you please contact me at your earliest convenience. I need to consult with you.


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