Baroness Worthington at the US Space and Rocket Center

Several weeks ago Baroness Bryony Worthington of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom came to visit Flibe Energy in Huntsville, and as we in Huntsville are wont to do, we took her to the US Space and Rocket Center, where I gave her a guided tour of America’s race to the Moon. I couldn’t help but throw a few insights and analogies towards LFTR development in there as we talked.

Video editing and filming was done by Gordon McDowell and Cameron Frisby.

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3 Responses to Baroness Worthington at the US Space and Rocket Center

  1. Andrew Swallow says:

    A professional environmental campaigner who supports nuclear power. Good luck with her.

  2. Chris (Robotbeat) says:

    Loved it.

  3. Frank Glover says:

    But wasn’t the entry velocity 36 thousand feet per second, not miles per hour…?

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