Sorensen TEDxYYC Thorium Talk

I gave a talk at the Calgary session of TEDx on April 1, 2011 and lunar exploration formed an aspect of my talk, I hope you enjoy it.

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MS, nuclear engineering, University of Tennessee, 2014, Flibe Energy, president, 2011-present, Teledyne Brown Engineering, chief nuclear technologist, 2010-2011, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, aerospace engineer, 2000-2010, MS, aerospace engineering, Georgia Tech, 1999

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5 Responses to Sorensen TEDxYYC Thorium Talk

  1. Kirk,
    Thanks for the link to the TEDx talk! I had been wondering about the idea of doing LFTRs on the Moon. I guess you’d still need to send up “starter fuel” for each reactor, but being able to get the sustaining fuel locally would be great.


  2. JohnHunt says:

    Is a thorium LFTR sufficiently simple that one could imagine producing one strictly from lunar materials? How feasible would this be if no assistance were available from Earth?

  3. Albert says:

    Hey, NASA seems to have opened its collective eyes on propellant depots.

    Just in case you missed it.

  4. Paul says:

    Re: NASA prop depot Request for Proposals.
    Suggested price range is $200-300m. Dual-cryo only. NoI’s by tomorrow, Proposals by May 23rd. That seems a short time to design, even in basic terms, a $200+ million mission. Is that unusual?

    RfP PDF.

    (Jon’s somewhat busy, so I’m not expecting a post about it.)

  5. Paul,

    As I understand it (from the few moments I’ve had to look at it), this contract is for a *study* to figure out how to do this sort of mission for that price range. This is probably for a 6-12month effort, my guess. I could be wrong.


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