Silver Lining

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One good thing about the current congress/senate/president funding mess is that we won’t have to listen to as many cranks start their rocket development plan with, “First we convince the president.”

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I do construction for a living and aerospace as an occasional hobby. I am an inventor and a bit of an entrepreneur. I've been self employed since the 1980s and working in concrete since the 1970s. When I grow up, I want to work with rockets and spacecraft. I did a stupid rocket trick a few decades back and decided not to try another hot fire without adult supervision. Haven't located much of that as we are all big kids when working with our passions.

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3 Responses to Silver Lining

  1. Nathan Koren says:

    Sigh. Yeah. That’d be nice.

    However: you’d think that the cricket-chirping follow-up to Apollo would’ve quieted those who want to do that same thing again, but no. Sometimes I think that humans and learning lessons are two things that very rarely mix.

  2. Andy says:

    Just no one wants to take money out of a train wreck like this!

  3. It’s good to think of silver linings at a time like this and I think/hope there can be more of them.

    I’m pretty much burnt out on US governmental space policy these days but I’m still very happy that Obama and his administration pushed (at least initially) such a good approach, if nothing else it’s filling the bases and giving private/commercial space a boost and momentum, even if all the good choices in policy should be removed the overall positive effect will mostly remain in my opinion.

    Two US presidents in a row have made extremely good space policy choices. Once with the support of the US Congress and once without at least a vocal part of it (since it’s not over yet it remains to be seen if it’s a majority). Once without the sincere support (and/or possibly without the comprehension) of NASA HQ and once with it (as far as I know). NASA in effect has at the very least three bosses and one of them is unavoidably and intentionally schizophrenic (US Congress), if those three bosses ever manage to get on the same page then good but no one should expect it to happen or find it likely.

    If that isn’t extremely clarifying and motivational for NewSpace and similar private efforts and attitudes then I don’t know what is ^_^

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