Shameless Self-Promotion: Depot Article on New Scientist

Last week, right after I finished sending my propellant depot white paper in to the Augustine Committee, I got contacted by David Shiga of New Scientist with some questions for an article he was writing.  The article is now available online, and while it probably doesn’t say much that is new for most readers here, I think it’s great that this concept is getting more and more serious attention in public.  It’s also good to hear that ULA is starting to publicly mention the CRYOTE (CRYogenic Orbital TEstbed) work that they’re doing in conjunction with NASA and some contractors.  There should be some more public info on that at SPACE 2009, so I’ll probably blog about that at that point.

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Jonathan Goff

Jonathan Goff

President/CEO at Altius Space Machines
Jonathan Goff is a space technologist, inventor, and serial space entrepreneur who created the Selenian Boondocks blog. Jon was a co-founder of Masten Space Systems, and is the founder and CEO of Altius Space Machines, a space robotics startup in Broomfield, CO. His family includes his wife, Tiffany, and five boys: Jarom (deceased), Jonathan, James, Peter, and Andrew. Jon has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering (1999) and an MS in Mechanical Engineering (2007) from Brigham Young University, and served an LDS proselytizing mission in Olongapo, Philippines from 2000-2002.
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3 Responses to Shameless Self-Promotion: Depot Article on New Scientist

  1. Martijn Meijering says:

    So when will we be seeing your depot paper?

  2. MG says:

    Typo in article — y’all aren’t in Santa Clara any more.

  3. Jonathan Goff Jonathan Goff says:

    Noticed that. Sent an email to David mentioning it. I’m not as worried by minor details like that compared to the fact that they got all the technical stuff right.


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