Feeling Old

…though not quite as old as those who will be turning 30 or this month. About two years not quite as old. And I’m sure I definitely don’t feel as old as those who are turning 40 this month…


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Jonathan Goff

Jonathan Goff

President/CEO at Altius Space Machines
Jonathan Goff is a space technologist, inventor, and serial space entrepreneur who created the Selenian Boondocks blog. Jon was a co-founder of Masten Space Systems, and is the founder and CEO of Altius Space Machines, a space robotics startup in Broomfield, CO. His family includes his wife, Tiffany, and five boys: Jarom (deceased), Jonathan, James, Peter, and Andrew. Jon has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering (1999) and an MS in Mechanical Engineering (2007) from Brigham Young University, and served an LDS proselytizing mission in Olongapo, Philippines from 2000-2002.
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14 Responses to Feeling Old

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday (?).

    -Adam Greenwood

  2. Jon Goff says:

    Thank you. Yes, it’s #28 for me this time around.


  3. Rand Simberg says:

    Oh, please. Twenty eight? If you think that’s bad, I could tell you a story that would have your hangar awash in a river of tears.

    Happy birthday, though. You’ve come a long way since that seventeen-year-old know-it-all on Usenet.

  4. Jon Goff says:

    Oh, please. Twenty eight? If you think that’s bad, I could tell you a story that would have your hangar awash in a river of tears.

    Heh. It looks like my blog post elicited the response I was looking for. 🙂 I was also trying to tweak Dave. He has a big…milestone…coming up in 16 days.

    Happy birthday, though. You’ve come a long way since that seventeen-year-old know-it-all on Usenet.

    Now I’m a twenty-eight-year-old know-it-all in the blogosphere? Are those less common? 😉


  5. Tom Cuddihy says:

    Yes, everybody goes through this when they realize they’re closer to 30 then they are past the last milestone (25-Hey, my insurance went down! ;-0) But look at it this way–you’re ahead of the curve with two kids! Most guys these days don’t have kids till they’re in their 40s. They’ll be falling apart by the time their youngest hits high school. And you’ll be in your prime.

    That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

  6. Karl Hallowell says:

    Hrmmm, I have a uh, “big” milestone coming up as well. Fortunately, I’m a year better off than this “Dave” character apparently is.

    Oh and Tom, you ever going to start that blog again? Cuddihy’s Cut only lasted a couple of months, but I still remember it. Brilliant!

  7. Rob says:

    I’ll promise you this: When you’re in your mid-40’s, you’ll look back on your 30-something self and say, “what an idiot!”

  8. john hare says:

    Happy birthday you young whipper snapper.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday! FWIW, my life at JSC just passed 25 years and I think you guys are about to show us a thing or two….

  10. murphydyne says:

    Happy B-day Jon!

    28? Bah, it only gets more fun from there. Why, I can still remember when I was 29, back in NYC, just getting over my Saturn return

    My birthday present is a suggestion – start thinking about writing a book, Mr. Know-it-all. 😉 You’ve got all of the raw material right here at SB, it just needs a good outline. Get inputs from experts in the field, à la ‘Lunar Base Handbook’. Couple it with regular lectures at UND you lucky bum, and you might have the beginnings of a space franchise.

    Here’s wishing you peace and prosperity in your 28th,


  11. Habitat Hermit says:

    Happy Birthday and I’ll take the opportunity to remind you about your small polar LLO concept(s?) from 16 July (I see somebody made it an option to vote for on the Skribit suggestion pad, good idea!).

  12. Jon Goff says:

    Habitat Hermit,
    Thanks! And thanks for the reminder too. I’ve just had so little bandwidth lately. Betwee working longer hours than usual trying to get 0.1b off the ground, fighting stupid drive issues with my new laptop, and my new timewaster (Civ4 Complete), I haven’t been able to get into a blogging mood. But I did end up staying up till 1am one night last week doing research for that polar LLO staging idea. I’m not sure how closed to fully baked the idea is, but I’ll try to put some thoughts to paper soon.

    Thanks for the reminder again, and feel free to add skribit suggestions from time to time! Now that people are actually using it, I’ll see how things go with more reader-driven content.



  13. Ki says:

    Ha! Don’t worry buddy, I’ll try and get a picture of my decrepit husband on his big 30 birthday, but if it isn’t good enough you can tease him about dying the gray out of his hair.

  14. Jonathan Goff Jonathan Goff says:

    Heh. Tiff lucked out. We were so busy and exhausted when her 30th rolled around last month that we didn’t have time to do anything mean. 🙂

    You give that oaf a hug for us.


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