Name Transfusion

My little sister, Jennifer successfully earned her “Mrs. Degree” yesterday up in Utah. The name transfusion was also successful, and she now has a new last name. Walton or Walten or something like that. I’d actually know for sure, and I’d probably even post a picture of the happy sappy couple if anyone had bother to send me one.

As it is, I started hearing rumors a few weeks ago that Jenny was dating some “Returned Missionary”. Apparently even though he lived on the opposite side of town (and of course neither of them had a car) he was walking her home and staying up talking on her front porch till 1am on a regular basis. Having been there and done that myself, I knew what the signs meant, and figured there was a decent chance I was going to be hearing about an engagement at some point in the near future. After all, Tiff and I had only been dating in such a manner for three weeks when we got engaged.

So I get a call from my sister Monday, squeakily announcing that they were getting married, and that I ought to see if I could get some time off in the next three weeks to come up and meet him. I asked if they had picked a date, and they said no. Then I hear later on in the day that they actually meant that the wedding itself was going to be within the next three weeks, but the Salt Lake Temple was booked solid through the end of the month. So I figured, ok that’ll give me some time to arrange for a Friday off, and get caught-up on work after being gone most of last week. No problem.

Then I get a call later in the day telling me that they had picked a date–this Friday. By the way, yes, having a 4 day engagement does strike me as clinically insane too. My parents had a short engagement (first date week before Thanksgiving, engaged at Thanksgiving, married between Christmas and New Years), but less than a week is impressively fast. Of course this meant that I wasn’t able to make it. I haven’t even seen a picture of the guy, talked with him, or even chatted with him on the intertubes. He’s a nice guy from what I hear. Name is Allan or Allen or something like that [Edit: It turns out it’s Alan…Hey, at least I was close!]. Apparently he did the same thing I did (started college at BYU at 16), but he switch majors enough that he didn’t graduate before his mission. When he got home, some of his old best friends convinced him to transfer down to George Wythe College (the little ~100 student liberal arts school my siblings have all gone to so far) just in time to meet Jen.

Anyhow, in spite of slight annoyances at being kept completely out of the loop like this, I am happy for them. Hopefully I’ll actually get to meet the guy sometime in the next month or two or three. Maybe someone can eventually send me a picture as well.

Kids these days.

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Jonathan Goff

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  1. Ki says:

    I KNOW! Kids these days…

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