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Hey all, I just heard that this month’s Popular Mechanics cover article has a lot of info about various Lunar Lander Challenge contestants. Apparently for instance, Interorbital may still be in the running, going with some new engines that run on allowed propellants, and a vehicle called Virus 1.0 or something like that. They claim to be going after L1 and L2. If true, that ought to be really cool. I really want to see 3-5 good solid teams there competing, and I think it’s excellent news that they still may be in the running. Their test stand is about a 5 minute walk down the dirt road from ours, so it should be a really interesting summer here in Mojave.

Apparently we get mentioned a bit in the article, and there’s even a sidebar from Glenn Reynolds too. Heh.

Read the Whole Thing, I guess.

[Editor’s Note: Seriously, if any blogger out there is actually near a magazine stand and can verify that I got my details right, it’d be nice. I’m just going off a second-hand report of the article from a friend stuck in an airport waiting to fly out to the AIAA Propulsion Conference in Sacremento.]

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Jonathan Goff

Jonathan Goff

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