200th Post

I usually try to avoid all the silly sentimental, blogospheric silliness that you tend to see (crud like “Carnivals”, calling people my BlogFather, and all the other dreck like that). But I couldn’t resist pumping out one more post tonight just so I could say that I hit 200 posts at the end of my one year Blogiversary.

Yes, I am that much of a windbag.

I now return you to your normal light blogging, while I try and go get some sleep so I can pack tomorrow.

[Note: Unfortunately, I just barely missed hitting the 50k visits mark this year. It’s close enough that I think that had I started my site meter the same day I started my blog I might have made it, but c’est la vie]

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Jonathan Goff

Jonathan Goff

President/CEO at Altius Space Machines
Jonathan Goff is a space technologist, inventor, and serial space entrepreneur who created the Selenian Boondocks blog. Jon was a co-founder of Masten Space Systems, and is the founder and CEO of Altius Space Machines, a space robotics startup in Broomfield, CO. His family includes his wife, Tiffany, and five boys: Jarom (deceased), Jonathan, James, Peter, and Andrew. Jon has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering (1999) and an MS in Mechanical Engineering (2007) from Brigham Young University, and served an LDS proselytizing mission in Olongapo, Philippines from 2000-2002.
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2 Responses to 200th Post

  1. John Hare says:

    I’m curious about your reaction to the push conditions you seem to be operating under. When there are two or more major things going on that each require every available hour, and time is critical, I call it ‘doing a push’. 12+ hour work days, family, necessary social functions and so on tend to lead to stripping life down to essentials.

    Frex hardware vs blogging. Blogging can wait, the new igniter can’t if the schedule will be met. If the schedule is not met, you can’t compete or bid or something and lose a year or so for the next set of opportunities. How is the stress level?

    My curiosity is fueled by the push I’m doing now. Record quantities of work, help (good help) and equipment with not enough time to do it all. I’ve been making choices on what is and is not necessary because I seem to wear out at 80 or so hours a week. If you are doing something like this, how are you holding up?

  2. Jon Goff says:

    I don’t know how well I’m doing honestly. I’ve noticed that whenever Tiff and Little Jon are home, I actually never get into the really, really heavy workloads. Probably not too much worse than 60 hours a week. Now, when they’re out of town, I switch back into crazy bachelor workmode, and end up putting in closer to 70-80 hour work weeks. The stress level right now is decently high, but I’m holding up.

    As for blogging versus hardware or blogging versus packing, you’ll note that a lot of my blogging in the past several weeks was done either very late at night, or while I was sick. So a lot of those things don’t so much go away when I’m under pressure, but they do get shoved out of prime-time.


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