Taking the Plunge

Well, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and start my own blog. I’ve been intending to start a blog since before I even knew what a blog was, but it has taken me a long time to get much further than the protoblog that I had on my old university account or. That site is going away sometime in the near future, so I figured it would be good to finally get somewhere else on the internet that I can call home.

As the name of the suggests, one of the main topics of this blog will be my thoughts about the development of space, particularly regarding our nearest neighbor, the Moon. But I’ll also post stuff from time to time on other topics that interest me, which could be anything from technology to religion to political theory to pictures of my family.

To give a little background on myself and my family, I’m a young engineer working for a small aerospace startup based out of Santa Clara, California. My wife Tiffany is a wonderful Oregonian who is sufficiently older than me that we should hopefully drop at about the same time. We have two sons, Jarom and Jonathan Spencer, though Jarom died only a few minutes after childbirth. Jonathan though is a happy, peaceful little guy who turns six months today. He’s been a wonderful blessing in our lives, but at the rate he’s being corrupted, he’ll probably end up an engineer like his dad. In addition to being an engineer, I’m still finishing up a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University, out in Provo, Utah. All I have left to do is finish my thesis project, but that has managed to become one of the banes of my existence.

At my day job, we’re building rocket propulsion test hardware for eventual use on a reusable Vertical Takeoff Vertical Landing vehicle. As one of my professors put it, it is dangerously close to getting paid to have fun. Most of my work related posting will be there on the company’s weblog, but I’ll put up some eyecandy or links occasionally on this site. Like this picture of our teststand we’re building:

And here’s a picture of one of our previous igniter designs we’ve been developing:

Both of those are a little bit dated, but I’ll have pictures of some of our newer work up on the MSS blog as soon when I put up the May 2005 progress report.

Anyhow, we’ll see how this whole blogging thing goes.

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Jonathan Goff

Jonathan Goff

President/CEO at Altius Space Machines
Jonathan Goff is a space technologist, inventor, and serial space entrepreneur who created the Selenian Boondocks blog. Jon was a co-founder of Masten Space Systems, and is the founder and CEO of Altius Space Machines, a space robotics startup in Broomfield, CO. His family includes his wife, Tiffany, and five boys: Jarom (deceased), Jonathan, James, Peter, and Andrew. Jon has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering (1999) and an MS in Mechanical Engineering (2007) from Brigham Young University, and served an LDS proselytizing mission in Olongapo, Philippines from 2000-2002.
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